At Sinclair Agricultural & Recycling Services we have been providing the service of recycling waste to land for over 10 years.

Many wastes once treated correctly are very good sources of organic manure, whether it be Nitrogen, Phosphorus, Potassium, or other trace elements. When applied correctly to suitable land, these nutrients can replace the need to apply inorganic, manufactured fertilisers and they can also benefit soil structure. With our scientific understanding and modern lab testing we can, in the first instance, test the soil to find its nutrient status. Once the correct land has been found, an application will be submitted to grant permission to take waste to the site and spread it.

The recycling of waste to land in Scotland is overseen by SEPA to ensure that the correct procedures are followed by all parties. In most cases SEPA have to issue an exemption from the Environmental Permitting Regulations 2007. This then allows us to transport the waste to the storage site from where it will then be spread, at the correct time of year, to fully benefit the crops and the environment.

The recycling of waste to land ensures that our landfills are not being unnecessarily filled up with waste that can be beneficial to other industries with no environmental impact. All of the wastes are lab tested at regular intervals to ensure the correct qualities are achieved.

If you are a landowner who would like more information about our waste handling services or you would like some more information about the processes involved then please get in touch via the contact page.

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